Welcome to “Tips” with The Butchers Block. Below you will find a list of tips we have created to help you get the most from our meat at The Butchers Block.

5 Myths About Steak – Busted

While it is no secret that there are several ways you can cook up steak to satisfy different palates, not all of them turn out to be a smashing hit. Each and every steak preparation technique has its fair share of myths, and we’ll de-bunk a few here to take them off your mind the next time you prepare steak at home. Here are our myths about steak; busted!

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Have You Ever Felt Intimidated at the Butchers Counter?

Why you shouldn’t feel intimidated at a Butcher Shop. 
It’s common to feel a little overwhelmed at the butcher’s counter. If you’re not a foodie or connoisseur then the choice can be a little much and the thought of asking for help can be quite intimidating. However there are a few ways to allay your fears and make your next trip to the butcher’s counter a less worrying and hopefully more enjoyable experience.
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