4 Spooky Halloween Recipes From Our Customers

We asked our customers to send in their spookiest Halloween Recipe efforts and these four valued customers did not disappoint.

Halloween is fast approaching; it’s time to think about kind of tricks and treats your going to rustle up. Whether you’re filling the kids tummies up with something nourishing before they get their hands on the sweets, or your having a party and want to impress, these fun Halloween recipes are a must try.

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4 Healthy Dinner Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Why does the evening meal always come at the end of a busy day when you feel tired? The big question is, how do you create a wholesome dinner that your kids will eat, without spending hours slaving over a hot stove? Don’t worry, these five healthy dinner recipes suggestions can be made with the minimum of fuss.

A Meaty Casserole
One pot meals are nutritious, comforting, and easy to put together (and good for sneaking into the brew healthy veggies and beans that the kids might normally turn their noses up at). Sear the meat and put in the pot along with onion, vegetable and stock. Cook slowly for tender meat.

Meaty Casserole Recipe
Cottage Pie
A favourite meal that everyone will look forward to coming home to. Fry lean minced beef in olive oil, add gravy and herbs to taste, add chopped carrots and peas. Transfer to baking dish, cover with mash potato, little dash of cayenne pepper (livens up the crust!), grated edam cheese, sprinkle bread-crumbs (Cumberland Pie).

Cottage Pie Recipe

Toad in the Hole
A treasured tradition in a lot of Irish families; this dish tastes great with good quality sausages in Yorkshire pudding or mashed potato. Serve with onion gravy. Children absolutely adore this not just because it’s delicious, but also because of the name.

Toad in The Hole Recipe
Roast Dinner
Choose whole chicken or joint of lamb, ham or beef – Then just bung it in the oven with mixed roast vegetables, or chips (minimum prep). Leftovers make delicious, nutritious sandwiches, wraps and salads for school lunch-boxes. Simmer remaining bones with celery, carrot and onion for homemade stock (freeze) ready for later. Read our tips on cooking a roast dinner over in our tips section.

Roasted Beef - The Butchers Block

You’ll find all the meat you need for these recipes in The Butcher’s Block. Be sure to keep an eye on our specials each week so you can plan ahead.

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