Supermarket or The Butcher: Convenience and Value

99 steps to the convenience and quality of The Butcher’s Block.

The media has been weighing The Butcher up against Supermarkets for years. There is no denying that there is something appealing about getting you entire weekly shop under the one roof. That being said as The Butcher’s Block is in six convenient locations no more than 99 steps away from a Supermarket and we promise you will find better value and infinitely better quality on your meat when you pass through our door. So, Supermarket or The Butcher?

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Why We Love The Butcher’s Block and You Should Too

We love working in The Butcher’s Block. Working here is more than just a job. We are part of a community made up of us, the butchers and service staff, our managing director, the company owner and all of the people who come into the store every day. We actually look forward to getting up every day and coming to work because we know we are going to meet wonderful people, both new and familiar faces. The stories we hear, the laughs we have, all make for something more than just another local butcher. Read more »

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