Tips for kick starting your January Health Kick

Tips for kick starting your January Health Kick

It’s time to start thinking of your January Health Kick! 

We’ve got some fantastic tips that will help you stay on track with your January Fitness and Health goals. It’s difficult to stay on track, but these tips will show you how easy it can be with just a little forward thinking and preparation.

January Health Kick1. Bulk Buy Your Food 

At The Butcher’s Block we have a wide range of affordable but high quality meats. In store, take a look at our 3 for €10 range; here you can stock up on delicious, lean and excellent quality meats for the week. That way you are less likely to spend a fortune on last minute purchases.

2. Bulk Cook

After you bulk buy, it’s time to bulk cook. Preparing your food in advance of the week means you are less likely to pick up the phone and order a chinese takeaway. Cooking between 5 and 6 dinners for the week means that you will have enough to keep you going without any slip ups.

3. Plan Ahead 

Know what you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 80% of the week and you will find it much easier to eat healthier. Likewise you should plan your training as well, that way you can work your food plan around your rest days.

4. Don’t Diet 

Eat healthy, but don’t diet. A diet is a short time, restrictive method of losing weight. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t completely restrict food groups or force you to think of food in terms of numbers.

5. Focus on Quality 

When choosing meat, focus on quality ahead of price and calorie content. Healthier meats are leaner in fats and have no additivies included in them. Most supermarket meats will be fatter than butcher meats and will often contain additives to add flavour.

If you are trying to be healthy in January and have any questions about the meats we sell our staff are always more than happy to help. Just ask at the counter. 

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