The Butcher’s Block Bunless Burger Recipe

Just because you are trying to eat healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a burger, especially if it’s lean, and even more so if it’s bunless.

The Butcher’s Block team enjoys a burger as much as the next person and when we’re watching what we eat, we’re not willing to give it up! We’d been talking about the best ways to get your burger fix in a healthy way, and we all agreed that bunless burgers are the future, don’t you agree?

Take a look our bunless burger recipe below.


  • The Butcher’s Block Premium Burgers (4 for €2.99 this week)
  • The Butcher’s Block Burger Relish
  • 1 egg per person (Pick a dozen up in The Butcher’s Block)
  • Bell Peppers
  • Onion
  • Mixed greens (spinach, rocket etc)


1. Line your grill tray with parchment or tin foil. Heat the grill on the highest setting for five minutes. Place as many Premium Burgers on the grill as you need and cook for five minutes per side. (10 minutes in total)

2. In the last few minutes of cooking your burger, Stir fry your onion and bell peppers in The Butcher’s Block Burger Relish until slightly crunchy.

3. Poach an egg per burger

4. Take two, thick curved leaves per burger from your iceberg lettuce and place one under your burger.

5. Dress your burger with the vegetables and relish dressing, topping it off with your poached egg. Place the second thick cut of lettuce on top, forming a lettuce bun.

6. Serve with mixed greens

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