What To Ask Your Butcher If You’re Paleo

Paleo QuestionsIf you are following the Paleo Lifestyle you are probably very concerned about the food that you consume; how lean is it, has it got grains it and so on. At The Butcher’s Block we pride ourselves on the knowledge our staff have of our products. While not all of them are aware of the workings of Paleo, they will certainly be able to answer your questions; and one thing we always encourage our customers’ to do is ask questions.

Here are some questions you might want to ask your butcher if you’ve adopted the Paleo Lifestyle:

Have you got any Grass Fed meat? 

While Irish Paleo enthusiasts seem to renege on the notion that you can only eat Grass Fed meat (It’s hard to come by in Ireland!) it’s always worth asking.
‘Grass-fed animals’ eat fresh pasture and hay, and never consume grain rations.

Is it Free-Range?

Whether you’re eating Paleo or not this might be something that concerns. Free range chicken and eggs have increased in popularity over the years. If the product isn’t labelled as such, don’t be afraid to ask!

Do you make your own Sausages and Burgers? 

A butcher making his own sausages, burgers, etc. can tell you exactly what goes into the product – what percentage of meat, herb, spices, and any grain additives etc. The answer to this question in The Butcher’s Block is always ‘yes’.

What is the best lean meat?
Leanness depends on the cut. Loin or round steak is leaner than a T-bone for example (can even be leaner than some portions of turkey!) – It’s all in the cut! Ask your butcher to trim off excess fat.

At The Butchers Block we are always open to answering your questions, and if we don’t have the answer for you then, we’ll look for it! Keep an eye on our specials by location to find out what lean deals we have. If you’re looking for more tips on healthy eating check out our guide. 


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