Healthy Eating Tips For Students

Healthy Eating Tips For Students

College provides the best years of a lot of people’s lives but there is no denying that it can be tough too, particularly if you have to move away from home to go to your college of choice.

Let’s face it, after rent and fees, you want to have a little bit of fun with your money when you’re a student. The last thing you want to do is spend your cash on costly food just because it’s good for you! At The Butcher’s Block, though, we offer healthy cuts of meat at student friendly prices.

As well as offering excellent value, we also have a host of healthy eating tips that will have you eating well, without diminishing your student night fund!

Chicken Breast

1. Batch Cook 

Between Lectures, assignments, societies and the rest, you’re cooking time is limited. If you’ve got a spare hour or two during the week cook up a couple of meals using our exceptional value chicken fillets and delicious sauces. Freeze them in lunch boxes and at least then you know that you have a few nutritious and delicious meals ready to go, even when you don’t have time.

2. Keep an eye out for deals

Adopt a policy of only buying whatever is on special offer; that way you know you won’t overspend. We notify our Newsletter Subscribers of our specials every week, so make sure you sign up at the end of this blog post!

From 4 premium, lean burgers for less than €3, to 500g of virtually fat free mince for a fiver, you are guaranteed a tasty meal for next to nothing.

3. Buy and Freeze Butchers block burgers

Bulking buying things like Burgers and Meatballs mean you can freeze some of what you buy to cook at a later date. This will stifle the temptation to spend needlessly on junk food.

4. Plan ahead 

Planning what you are going to eat for the week saves time and money; the two most precious things in Student Life! Planning meals and making a list of the things you need to buy makes the whole process much easier, and it prevents you from eating a packet of Oreos for dinner!

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