Supermarket or The Butcher: Convenience and Value

Supermarket or The Butcher: Convenience and Value

99 steps to the convenience and quality of The Butcher’s Block.

The media has been weighing The Butcher up against Supermarkets for years. There is no denying that there is something appealing about getting you entire weekly shop under the one roof. That being said as The Butcher’s Block is in six convenient locations no more than 99 steps away from a Supermarket and we promise you will find better value and infinitely better quality on your meat when you pass through our door. So, Supermarket or The Butcher?

Multi buys

Check in store for our bargainous 3 for €10 multi buys; changing seasonally, you will find a range of delicious and high quality meats for excellent value. You won’t get that value in your local supermarket.

Weekly Specials

We run weekly specials that offer the best value on the most delicious meats available. Do you think you would get a round roast as tasty from a Supermarket as you would in a butcher shop? Not a chance. What’s more is, you will get at half price in The Butcher’s Block.

Expert Service

Everyone working in each of our stores in an expert at what they do. They can advise you on the best cuts, quantities and value for your needs. While Supermarket staff as friendly as they come, you won’t get the level of expertise, nor the selection.

These are just some snippets as to why shopping at the butcher is more convenient. If you have any more reasons to add why not visit us over on Twitter and tell us your thoughts.

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The Irish owned and family run chain of butcher shops, The Butcher’s Block, renowned for superior quality produce, freshness and value for money.

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