Budget Back to School Lunches

Budget Back to School Lunches

This is a tough time of year for parents, and of course for college students; it’s back to school time. We’ve spending fortunes on books, fees, uniforms, school bags, the works so it’s no surprise that a lot of us are trying to save wherever possible.

One area we can save on is lunches. We’ve got some tips on how you can make some budget back to school lunches, without holding back on nutrition.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail; isn’t that what they say? Plan your lunches a week in advance so that you are not wasting more money buying things last minute or sending the kids off with money to buy their lunches in the canteen. This is key if you are doing lunches on a budget!

Buy big meat joints

This is where your local butcher can become your best friend. Helping and advising you to choose the best large joints that have a life beyond just the one main meal. Large joints mean Good economy.

When you plan the family evening meal, keep in mind any cooked meat leftovers that can be used for the school packed lunch. Having roast beef on Sunday? Roast Beef Sandwiches all ‘round on Monday, so! Make sure you keep an eye on The Butcher’s Block website to find out which joints are on Special each week.
Stock up on Chicken Fillets

Poultry is known to be easier on the pocket than red meats. At The Butcher’s Block we always have exceptional deals available on Chicken fillets from half price packs to 40% extra free. Keep an eye out on the website and in store. These chicken fillets will not only see savings in your weekly spend, but also a nutritional boost for your kids at lunch time. Use fillets to make Sandwiches, wraps and salads to keep thing varied.

Buy to Freeze

Value is one of the most important elements of shopping, especially this time of year with the impact of back to school costs. That’s why, at the Butcher’s Block, we encourage bulk buying by offering excellent value on larger quantities of meat. Our 3 for €10 offer means you can stock up on top quality meats and freeze them, saving you from having to spend more on meat further down the line.

We also recommend freezing leftovers and using them in cold dishes at a later date. You’ll most definitely see the savings with this little life hack!

Value Packs

Why spend a small fortune on lunch meats in the supermarket when you can get a Butcher’s Block Value Pack for just as little as €14.99. Our lowest cost Value pack is available for €14.99 and includes Minced Beef, four chicken fillets and eight meat balls; that’s a few lunches and a couple of dinners ready to rock for the week at next to nothing! Take a look at the rest of our value pack offers online to see how else you can save.

Don’t let back to school season get in the way of making nutritious meals for your kids. With advice like this we think you will see the difference in your spending in no time.

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