5 Myths About Steak – Busted

5 Myths About Steak – Busted

While it is no secret that there are several ways you can cook up steak to satisfy different palates, not all of them turn out to be a smashing hit. Each and every steak preparation technique has its fair share of myths, and we’ll de-bunk a few here to take them off your mind the next time you prepare steak at home. Here are our myths about steak; busted!

Myth #1: Bring steak to room temperature before cooking

Though this reasoning may sound quite convincing, you’ll actually be able to have better control over the cooking process by using the steak right out of the refrigerator. Steak at room temperature tends to cook faster, making it difficult to achieve an even finish. Also, leaving the steak to thaw out for long hours is also known to attract bacteria.

Allowing steak to rest or get to room temperature is simply a waste of time. Using a hot grill to cook cold steak will prove more effective.

Myth #2: Don’t salt your steak until after it’s done

The common logic here is that salting steak will soak up the juices, dry the piece and toughen it. While this fact is true, using salt before cooking simply removes the moisture from the surface, making it easier to uniformly brown the steak and lock juices within the meat. The drier the steak surface, the better it cooks.

Apply a thin coat of olive oil, coarsely ground salt before you grill the steak. Leave the seasoning for later as some ingredients like pepper can turn bitter when grilled for too long.

Myth #3: Searing steak retains the juices

Searing is expected to harden the surface of the meat, and lock the juices by forming an impenetrable barrier. However, this doesn’t happen in real time. Searing does impart a characteristic crispy finish and flavour to the steak, but cannot restrict the passage of fluids through the piece.

Myth #4: Flip steak just once 

Does this sound reasonable? You know better, and have by now learnt that this is a myth indeed. But did you know that flipping steak several times can speed up the cooking process by nearly 30 percent, while also ensuring that the piece is uniformly browned? Fast flipping, however, can lack the characteristic grill marks on the piece though.

Myth #5: Charcoal enhances flavour

Do not be fooled by this myth either. Hot charcoal enhances a smoky flavour, but beyond that it is simply the melting fat, rich in sugar and proteins that is responsible for flavouring. Juices dripping on hot coal cough up fine molecules that flavour the steak on the grill.

Cooking steak is an expertise perfected with time. Myths are simply a partv of the learning experience!

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