Have You Ever Felt Intimidated at the Butchers Counter?

Have You Ever Felt Intimidated at the Butchers Counter?

Why you shouldn’t feel intimidated at a Butcher Shop. 
It’s common to feel a little overwhelmed at the butcher’s counter. If you’re not a foodie or connoisseur then the choice can be a little much and the thought of asking for help can be quite intimidating. However there are a few ways to allay your fears and make your next trip to the butcher’s counter a less worrying and hopefully more enjoyable experience.

Preparation is Key

First of all, have a think about what you want before you go. At The Butcher’s Block we have a wide range of meats available for you to choose from, if you’re not sure of exactly what you want, it might be a little intimidating. If you’re cooking a specific recipe then look up the types of meat that could go well with it and do a bit of research on prices and quality. Then once you are there and ready to make a decision you can have a more informed conversation about the various choices available to you.

Don’t Be Afraid of Not Knowing

Another point to remember is that nobody starts off knowing everything about any given subject. We all have to start somewhere and it’s just a matter of practice and trial and error when finding the best pieces of meat. The more you cook and the more you shop, the more you will get to know what you like and what you need for various dishes.

Always Ask the Pros

The real crux of the matter is that you should never feel too intimidated to ask for help. At The Butcher’s Block, we love what we do. If you really want to get the best piece of meat for your cooking, then our team members are the people to ask. Tell us what you are cooking and we will help you find the best cut of meat for your needs.

Check The Specials 

If you’re really unsure of what types of meat to buy, make sure you check our weekly specials. Try our on-special meats first to get a feel the different cuts and qualities in each type; and don’t forget to ask our team the best ways to cook it !

At The Butcher’s Block we pride ourselves on creating a friendly and welcoming environment for our customers. We are proud of our knowledge and ready to share it. There is no need to feel intimidated when you come into our stores. If you keep these three points in mind you will be on par with our pros.



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