Have a successful barbeque

Have a successful barbeque

A successful barbeque requires the meat to be cooked correctly without burning. Achieve this by following these points, and don’t leave the BBQ unattended…

Roasted Pork- The Butchers Block

1. Light the BBQ well in advance before you plan to start cooking – make sure you use enough charcoal, and wait until it is glowing red (with a powdery grey surface) before starting to cook.

2. Ensure that the cook wears an apron and washes their hands before cooking and in between putting food on and taking it off the BBQ.

3. Keep all raw and cooked food separate and keep it wrapped and refrigerated.

4. Keep meat refrigerated for as long as possible before cooking – and put the oven on to keep them warm after cooking.

5. Use separate BBQ utensils when handling raw and cooked food.

6 Check sausages and burgers are cooked through, (juices should run clear). Steaks being ‘solid’ meat rather than minced or chopped are quite safe eaten when cooked to rare or medium.

7. Make sure frozen meat is thoroughly thawed (unless otherwise stated) before cooking and do not refreeze once thawed.

8. To make your BBQ a little more special why not try marinating or glazing steaks, chops or cubes for kebabs.

Roasted Pork- The Butchers Block


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