Cooking the perfect steak

Cooking the perfect steak

Steaks are ideal for grilling or pan frying. Grilling is a healthier method of cooking as any fat can drip away during cooking.

Always preheat the grill or pan for a couple of minutes before starting to cook your steak.

Roasted Lamb- The Butchers BlockWhen grilling, position the grill pan approximately 2″ away from the heat source and cook the steaks under a moderately high heat.

When pan frying it is only necessary to use about 5ml (1tsp) oil. After preheating the pan adjust the heat to a moderately high setting.

Why not try griddling your steaks if you have a griddle pan. These are like frying pans with a ridged base that create the look and taste of a barbecue leaving char-grilled stripes on the steaks. There is no need to add any oil to the griddle pan, just get the pan nice and hot and cook as you would do when pan frying.

It is only necessary to turn the steaks once during cooking. Simply cook the steaks for the recommended time on one side, then turn them over and cook for the remaining time. The more the steaks are prodded and turned the drier they will become, leaving them to cook untouched will produce more succulent results.

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