How to Have A BBQ on a Budget

How to Have A BBQ on a Budget

Barbeques can be expensive business, but not if you follow these few tips on having a BBQ on a budget that our team has put together for you.

BBQ on A Budget
Special Offers
Keep an eye out for special offers; there is no need to spend a weekly shop’s worth on meat for your BBQ. This is especially true when The Butcher’s Block always have a wide range of meats available on our 3 for €10 offer. Imagine what you could save!
Cheaper cuts
There is no sense on spending money on exceptional quality meat and sticking it on the barbecue. When you come to The Butcher’s Block, ask at the counter what cuts they think would be the best value. You don’t want to ruin the flavour of a good Pork Steak on a BBQ when you can enhance the flavour of a Pork Chop instead.
Stick to the basics
Pork Sausages, Beef Burgers, Chicken Wings, Drumsticks; the basics. These products are always good value and can often be found in The Butcher’s Block under one of our special buy deals. Everyone will be happy with this selection.
Buy “out of season meat”
Lamb is starting to come down price as Spring becomes a distant memory, as well as that Turkey tends to be cheaper during the summer months because it is not in such high demand. Why not pick up some of our Turkey Sausages and Burgers and try them out?
Ask your guests to bring one dish
Broker a deal with your guests. You supply the meat, they bring the trimmings. Everyone has a speciality whether it’s homemade coleslaw, fresh hummus or having a knack for picking up something unique and tasty in the supermarket.


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