6 Irish Food Blogs You Need to Read

6 Irish Food Blogs You Need to Read

A list of highly recommended Food Bloggers in Ireland
We started blogging recently and we are soon to reveal a new fantastic blogging section. As a result we have been losing ourselves in some wonderful Irish Food Blogs. There are plenty of them out there and it’s hard to know where to look when there are so many, so we at The Butcher’s Block have taken it upon ourselves to make a quick list of Irish Food Blogs you need to start reading.

Irish Food Blogs

1.  Primal Piggy 

Run by Instagram sensation and crossfitter, Aimee, this blog gives some really interesting, health conscious recipes as well as some valuable fitness tips and insights.

2. Wholesome Ireland

 Run by a woman called Caitríona Redmond, “Wholesome” is definitely the perfect moniker for this blog. Read this blog if you want shopping tips, handy recipes and reviews of Irish food products.

3.  Rosanna’s Kitchen

Established in 2014, this is a relatively new blog on the scene but it is truly fantastic. Stocked full of meaty recipes (This burger one is our fave) and handy tips, it will become one of your regular reads.

4. Farmette.ie 

This is an interesting, diary format food blog from a one-time American Media producer, current Irish farmer’s wife with a passion for wholesome food and delectable dishes. From desserts to pieces about food stylists, this really is a truly interesting read. We particularly love the section on the website in which the farm at Dunmoylan is described.

5. One Man’s Meat – Conorbofin.com 

We love everything about this blog, here at The Butcher’s Block. A favourite among us all, this blog has enough meat and poultry recipes to keep you cooking for months.

6. Edible Ireland 

Another interesting concept here. The idea behind this blog is exploring our beautiful country, dish by delicious dish. Kristin is an exceptional writer with a true gift for describing food and recipes. We particularly recommend delving into the recipe archive where you will find gems like this Lamb in stout recipe.

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