5 Must-Make Meaty Recipes for your picnic

5 Must-Make Meaty Recipes for your picnic

Delicous, portable recipes you can make for your picnic.
No summer is complete without a picnic, so try some of these tasty treats at your next fabulous al fresco feast. Let’s just hope we have more sunshine around the country!

American style Meatloaf

Home-made meatloaf, using lean minced beef, pork or a mixture of both, makes for a satisfying meal with vegetables at home, but next time make two; freeze one and you’ll always have a potential picnic star to hand. Flavour it with a large spoonful of seedy mustard, spices or fresh herbs to really make it your own, and enjoy a slice or two on your day out.

Coronation Chicken
For a tasty salad topping or filling in a roll, Coronation Chicken is an old favourite that is well worth revisiting. Succulent pieces of chicken breast in a lightly-curried mayonnaise with the addition of a few juicy raisins makes a far more tempting lunch than curling cheese sandwiches and is popular with picnickers of all ages. Serving chicken this way means good quality meat not only goes further, but using a low-calorie mayonnaise makes it a healthy option, too. You will always find great deals in The Butcher’s Block on Chicken Fillets. Visit our website for more.

Pulled Pork Pittas

If time is on your side, pulled pork is an excellent addition to any picnic. Cooked in a slow cooker or a traditional oven the day before, this sweetly-spiced dish retains its juiciness when cold, making it ideal for outdoor eating. Packed into a wholemeal pitta pocket with crunchy, home-made coleslaw, this satisfies even the heartiest of appetites. Pop into one of our stores to see which pork cuts we have to suit your picnicking needs. You’ll find a list of locations on our website.

Cornish Pasty

Feeling experimental? Designed to be a literal moveable feast, the Cornish pasty is ideal for picnics. Traditional recipes use beef skirt or steak pieces with potatoes, swede and generous amounts of seasoning to make a really tasty treat. For a modern twist, you could use chicken with leek and potato or sweetcorn and asparagus in either puff or short-crust pastry. And don’t forget to spice it up – a good pinch of ground cumin gives chicken pasties a wonderful, savoury flavour. Ask at the counter, or indeed Tweet us before you arrive, for the best cuts of beef or chicken for making a Cornish pasty.


Gammon is a versatile, economic option that works well hot or cold, whatever the time of year. Boiled or roasted, it’s great in a pasta dish or with hard-boiled eggs in a pie alongside this season’s freshest produce. This fantastic, flavoursome meat requires little else to become a thoroughly enjoyable picnic favourite – enjoy it with fresh, spicy watercress, English mustard and crusty French bread to set your taste buds tingling!

We can’t guarantee the sun will shine, or that you won’t suffer an ant invasion, but these recipes will ensure that your picnic is memorable for all the right reasons! Head over to Facebook and share your own recipes with us.


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